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Versa LiftMove your items to your attic without pain! Versa Lift is a powerful electric lift that takes organizing and storage to the next level.
Versa Lift is the ultimate solution to your storage problems. Now you can keep your home and garage neat by sending storage items into the attic and out of sight with push-button ease. Living the good life, you accumulate many useful items that inevitably begin filling up your garage. So, how can you organize it all? You can stack it, rack it, or hang it from the ceiling, but your garage will still look and feel cluttered. Only the Versa Lift lets you to store everything OUT OF SIGHT and BRING IT BACK IN SECONDS whenever you need it. Versa Lift is a powerful electric lift that takes organizing and storage to the next level. It's the ultimate answer to all of your home storage problems because now you can send storage boxes up to the attic and out of sight with push-button ease!

Versa Lift is far more convenient than a mini-storage and is a one-time expense. You get convenient push-button access to hidden storage space that you already own... storage that is always within easy reach, anytime, day or night!

Versa Lift eliminates the risk of serious personal injury inherent in carrying storage items up steep, shaky ladders. Instead, just press the switch on the hand-held remote to move loads as heavy as 200 lbs. to or from the attic in seconds! A corded remote features a locking switch with removable key for child safety.

The Versa Lift installs into a framed opening in the ceiling, just like the opening for a folding attic ladder. When not is use, the opening is automatically closed. The Versa Lift is also great for split-levels, stilt-homes, basements, and covered decks, too!

In flood-prone areas, Versa Lift will quickly move your irreplaceable documents, photos, and cherished possessions to your attic, the highest place in your home and the last place to be reached by rising flood water.

Versa Lift is the best way to organize your home and garage. Get easy access to your valuable attic space without heavy lifting. Why risk injury trying to shove storage boxes up the attic ladder? Versa Lift is the safe and easy way to store:

Storage Totes & Boxes - Holiday Lights, Decorations & Yard Art - Luggage - Hobby & Craft Supplies - Sports Equipment - Tents - Ice Chests - Sleeping Bags - Lawn Tools - Garden Hoses - Games - Patio Furniture Cushions - Bulky Power Tools - Shop Vacuums - Tax Records - Books - Off-season Clothing - And Much More!!

Develop your home's hidden assets: convert your attic into a huge hidden storeroom with just some plywood decking and the award winning Versa Lift Ultimate Storage System!

Standard Corded-Remote ModelsWireless Remote Control ModelsVersa Lift Attic Ladder Safety Railing
Regular price: $297.00
Sale price: $242.99
Versa Lift Auto-Shut Door Kit
Versa Lift Truss Leg Kit
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Versa Lift Tread Plate Platform Cover
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Versa Lift Platform Enclosure Kit
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Sale price: $390.00