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TireMinder® TPMS TMG300C System
TireMinder®  TPMS TMG300C SystemTireMinder®  TPMS TMG300C System
TireMinder® TPMS TMG300C System
Item#: TMG300C
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Product Description

TireMinder®  TPMS TMG300C System- NLA


  • Pressure Range 0-65 psi
  • Accurate to within 2.7%
  • Visual & Audible Pressure loss warnings (user programmable)
  • Temperature alarm if temperature rises above 167f/75c
  • Replacable CR1632 batteries (minimum 1 year life expectancy)
  • One year warranty

Kit Includes:

  • Monitor and heavy duty/multi-angle bracket
  • 4 screw on pressure/temperature transmitters (TMT300C)
  • 12/24v car charger
  • 4 EXTRA lithium batteries
  • 4 anti-theft locks with screwdriver