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4 Post car Lifts, 2 Post car Lifts, Single post car atv motorcycle lifts, Scissor Mid-Rise Lifts and more! Please Call 1-763.300.5730 for Ordering and Product Questions we are your best dealer for lifts!

Car, Motorcycle, ATV and Snowmobile lifts to work on and store your car, truck or other recreational vehicle. 4 Post Lifts, 2 post Lifts, Scissor Mid-Rise Lifts! We have American Built as well as imported lifts. Only the best! These auto lifts can safely support 6000 up to 40,000 pounds and above!

Why do I need a lift? A quality auto lift is a purchase that should last a life time. It can save time (and money) whether you want to service your vehicle, perform detailing work, or provide additional storage in your garage. Owning an auto lift is more than a luxury; it is a valuable tool that will pay dividends for years to come.

What type of lift do I need? There are 3 basic types of lifts available. The most common are single post, 2 post, and 4 post. Each has advantages and disadvantages. A single post lift takes up the least room, but is primarily for storage. A 2 post can be used to work on vehicles, but is not well suited for storage. A 4 post offers the ability to store your vehicle, perform most service needs, and is the choice for most home enthusiasts. Both the single post and 2 post lifts require being bolted into the floor and may require at least 6 inches of concrete, whereas a 4 post lift is free-standing, can be set up in most garages, and can even be moved if necessary.

How much room do I need? Depending on the type of lift you select, you will need on average 9.5 to 13 of ceiling height. A good rule of thumb for vehicle storage is the height of the 2 cars you are storing plus 6. The company you purchase your lift from should be able to assist you in determining your requirements.

Im ready to buy. Now what?

The first thing you want to do is find a reputable dealer. The company you deal with is as important as the lift you buy. Many so-called lift dealers are simply middle-men who take your order, make a call, and place your order. They offer little in follow-up service or support. Sources such as the Better Business Bureau can direct you to reputable companies. Does the company manufacture their own lift, or do they have some or all of it built by others? What kind of warrantee comes with your lift? A little money saved now may cost you a lot in a few years. Can the company you are dealing with help you with special needs, such as height and length requirements, power unit selection (220v or 110v), layout drawings, and even your choice of color? Make sure you discuss the type of vehicles you plan on using with your lift now and in the future. Do you want to install it yourself or have someone else do it? A quality lift company will want to know these and many more questions. By choosing the right company, your lift purchase will be made easy, hassle-free, and provide you with a quality product for years to come.

Garage Advantage Asymetrical Two post lift 9000 lb.
New four post lift model exclusively built by Advantage lifts
Garage Advantage Asymetrical Two post lift 9000 lb.

This deluxe quality two post lift has never been sold in the United State until now. It has been distributed in Germany, Italy and England for the last 5 years. Because of its excellent fit and finish we are marketing it in the United States to offer a high quality two post at a reasonable price.Regular price: $2,595.00
Call 763 300 5730 for help $2,249.00
New four post lift model exclusively built by Advantage lifts

Our lifts are made exclusively for Garage Toys. We are the distributor for these lifts in the United States and do ship every where.

Only the highest quality workmanship and materials 100% designed and engineered in Minnesota. Lifetime warranty and satisfaction guaranteed.Regular price: $3,295.00
Call 763 300 5730 for help $2,995.00
ATV, Motorcycle, Golf cart, Lawn mower lifts
Specialty auto lifts single post lift, pad lift and  Midrise lifts
ATV, Motorcycle, Golf cart, Lawn mower lifts

Our collection of Garage Advantage ATV, Motorcycle, Golf Car, Lawn mower lifts are first class and the best of the breed. We have the very best to offer here with super competitive pricing.

Specialty auto lifts single post lift, pad lift and Midrise lifts

Our collection of specialty lifts including Auto Single post lifts, Pad lifts, Midrise lifts are the best in the business.

Two post overhead and floor plate lifts
Four post Auto lift
Two post overhead and floor plate lifts

Two post overhead and floor plate lifts are great for mechanical work. Our selection of first class high quality lifts give you a selection for large or small garage applications.

Four post Auto lift

Four post Auto lifts have become common in house holds as well as shops all over the US. We are providing the best of the best of the most safe, high quality lifts in the market today.

GT-3000 Auto Rotisserie Car Rotator  shipping is free with coupon code
The Best Auto Rotisserie Period!
GT-3000 Auto Rotisserie Car Rotator shipping is free with coupon code

Frame restoration made easy with the CR-3000 Car Rotator. Just bolt your frame to the adjustable arms and safely lock in any positionRegular price: $1,495.00
Call 763 300 5730 for help $1,195.00
The Best Auto Rotisserie Period!

Here is the reasons why this is the Best Rotisserie on the Market!$1,995.00

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