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9000 lbs. 4 Post Lift XLT extra long extra tall
9000 lbs. 4 Post Lift XLT extra long extra tall
9000 lbs. 4 Post Lift XLT extra long extra tall
Item#: GT9000XLT
Regular price: $3,600.00
Sale price: $3,390.00

Product Description

The GT9000 XLT (eXtra Long and Tall) from Advantage Lifts gives you 16" more in length of track and 9" more in clearance under the deck on the top lock to help you with those taller vehicles. A lift that will last you for years carrying a 5 year warranty.

What's included with your GT9000 XLT lift:

5" 5" inch posts with 6"  6" sliding collars are the largest and sturdiest in the industry. (Eliminates the wobble)
Manual Dead bolt locks are the most reliable and is the safest locking system used.
36" aluminum approach ramps included that are fully gusseted yet weigh only 20 lbs.
Heavy‑duty poly caster wheels that won't cut or mar your painted floor.
Rolling Jacking Tray 4400 lb. with a drain plug.
Drip Trays a set of 3 to catch the drips.
Power unit 110V 20Amp.
A full 83" of clearance under the deck while resting on the top lock.
Pulleys have cable keepers to protect cables from ever coming off a pulley.
Pull out stops on both ends of the lift that will allow you to drive through.
Tracks are boxed in for extra strength.

  • A forklift or way to unload needed at time of delivery
    Don't forget about our optional 6600 lbs. Rolling Hydraulic Jack.

    GT9000 XLT Lift Dimensions:

    Overall Height of Corner Posts
    Max Height to Top of Track on Lock
    Max Clearance Under Deck on Lock
    Size of Column / Base Plate
    Track Length
    Track Thickness
    Track Width
    Floor Space Footprint
    Overall Width Outside Post
    Overall Length
    Outside Width Track to Track
    Width Between Tracks / Rails
    Between the Post Width
    Power Electric/Hydraulic
    Shipping Weight
    105"   /   8' 9"
    87.5"   /   7' 3"
    83"   /   6' 11"
    5" 5"  /   12"  12"
    192"   /   16'
    L 203"    W 119"
    203"   /   16' 11"
    37.5"   /   34.75"
    110 Volt 20 Amp
    2150 lbs.
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    Sale price: $749.99
    Rolling Bridge Mack Manual
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