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Large cabinet with adjustable shelf is a simple way to provide a little storage.
Single Door Base Cabinet
Single Door Base Cabinet
Item#: GA-02
Regular price: $224.99
Sale price: $213.74

Product Description
Measures 23.5"W x 35"H x 21"D

Built from 3/4" MDF, the Ulti MATE Garage is the strongest, most durable RTA system available. Cabinets are degisned to hold up to 150 lbs.

Ergonomically designed hardware features oversized brushed zinc pulls and handles to provide comfort and double as shop towel and tool holders.

Polyurethane over MDF construction radius edges on all corners and facings provide refined finish and clean lines while offering maximum strength, stability, and durability.

4" Aluminum feet elevate your system off the ground and make it easier to clean under your cabinets and adjust your cabinets on uneven ground.


-Large 24" wide cabinet with door and 1 adjustable shelf.

-Polyurethane coated MDF doors we offer are durable and feature a smooth finish.

-Thermofused laminate over 3/4" cabinet construction.

-Radius profile on door and cabinet offers smooth, clean, and custom finished look.

-Fully adjustable European hinges and 4" adjustable stainless steel feet.

-Integrated PVC laminate work surface.