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Shore Ramp 4'x 4'
Patriot Docks Shore Ramp 4'x4'
Patriot Docks Shore Ramp 4'x4'
Item#: 10834
Regular price: $279.99
Sale price: $249.95

Product Description
Shore Ramp for Lifestyle Docks is 4' x 4' and connects to the shore end of the dock with a pivoting quick connect system. Perfect for accessing your dock from virtually any type of shoreline. Ramp pivots up or down to a (maximum for safe use is approximately 30 degrees from horizontal).

Great for lakes and reservoirs with varying water levels. Shore Ramp frame is made of heavy aluminum and is about 3.5 inches deep, not including decking. Frame components bolt together. Connecting system consists of aluminum plates with bolts. For off season, simply pull our the pivot bolts at the connecting blate bracket. Or, simply fold the ramp over up onto the dock. Works with most docks.

Decking not included- order one 4'x 4' drop-in panel decking section. Requires drilling two new holes in dock frame (one per side)

Consider adding two additional posts at the shore end of your dock to enable locating the dock further out from shore. Most dock packages have no support post at the end of the dock.
Dock-Top 4x4 Section Aluminum
Regular price: $229.95
Sale price: $199.95
Dock-Top 4x4 Section Cedar and Poly
Regular price: $119.99
Sale price: $109.95