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iDEAL PSB-2000


The iDEAL PSB-2000 is a surface mounted, down draft style paint spray booth with full basement.  There is no need for special concrete work to be done for its installation. The surface mount style also enables the user to easily move the booth to another location if needed. This is a high quality insulated booth that will give years of trouble free service at an affordable price. Here are some of its other many features:

  • The main floor is in a two row “H” style configuration with 18 gram fiberglass extraction filters in both sides.
  • This is a “positive pressure” booth. All doors are totally sealed with “submarine” style gasket when closed.
  • The booth has 10 hip mounted light fixtures with 6 tubes per fixture for a total of 60 lights. (T-8 tubes are not included)
  • All lights are front accessible with lock-out switches for easy / fast tube replacement. They contain all UL components.
  • All doors have three heavy duty hinges. These hinges have nylon bushings and are fully adjustable in two directions.
  • One door of the three-wing frontal serves as a man-door and has heavy duty “EURO” style slam-latches.  The other two doors have positive lock latches with upper and lower rods.
  • All door windows are made of tempered glass.
  • Booth wall panels are of a sandwich construction, consisting of 18 Ga. steel outside layers with 50mm thick rock wool insulation inside. The panels snap together ‘tongue and groove” style making the booth self supporting and air tight.
  • All booths are powder coated bright white inside and out with brushed aluminum trim around the doors.
  • Booth has a fully filtered air plenum with 10 micron filters included. Hinged filter racks allow for easy and fast, one man filter replacement.
  • Adjustable panel/bumper fixture rails are located in the ceiling, and the panel/bumper fixture can travel up to six feet. Ideal for hanging additional parts for painting.
  • Additional kits can be purchased to extend the overall length of the booth in 30” increments.
  • Drive through doors and ramps are available.
  • Booth is not supplied with heat, air make, or extractor fans or controls. It is compatible with all models of air make up units from major manufacturers. The air make up / heat unit you use will be specific to your application (amount of use, climate, local and state codes).  Holes can be cut in the plenum and basement sections at any location to allow for connecting ducts to be attached.
  • Escape/Man door location can be placed on either side to suit your customer.
  • All replacement filters and light bulbs can be purchased locally.
  • Easy to understand, fully illustrated installation manual.
  • Full parts break down for easily identifying and ordering replacement parts.

    Please contact us for discount pricing and availability.