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New Style Kwik-Floor Panels-Ribbed, 4-pk
Kwik-Floor Panels-Ribbed, 4-pk
Kwik-Floor Panels-Ribbed, 4-pk
Item#: 10851
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Product Description
New style includes additional welded tabs to add even more support to top decking. These panels can be placed on 2x4 wood framing (24" on center) for beach patios, stairways and boardwalks. Use treated or other rot-resistant wood to build on grade "sleepers" to create a patio or boardwalk. Use three stringers at 24" O.C. to make a stairway. Kwik-Floor panels will drop into place. Secure with deck screws as necessary. Kwik-Floor panels can also be used for barn floors, sheds, attic decking, garage rafter storage, entrances, shower flooring and more.


Marine Dock

Beach Patio


Stairway Steps

Shed Floor

Garage Rafter Storage

Barn Floor

Pool Decking

Note: These panels will work only on 24" o.c. joist framing due to the extended ribs. Panel measures 47-5/8" x 11-1/2" nominal. Constructed out of glass reinforced copolymer with UV inhibitors added. Slotted design meets environmental criteria. Deep rib design for added strength. Panels can be connected together with PN 10869 deck connecting clips. Use 6 clips to make one 4x4 drop-in section using 4 panels. Polypropylene copolymer material with non-skid surface. Panel spans 24" with 1-3/4" flat surface at end and center support. Slate gray only. Four panels and 6 connecting clips in package.