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Garage Toys Education Discount Program
Garage Toys Education Discount Program
Item#: GarageToysEducationDiscountProgram

Product Description
Garage Toys Education Discount Program
Garage Toys offers a 25% discount on a select group
of toolboxes and garage storage systems.*

Offering top-quality toolboxes and storage systems at a 
discount, Garage Toys is now making available
 to students, instructors, and schools the 
toolbox or storage system they need at a special price!
To participate in this program, you must be attending an accredited Technical Training School on a
full- or part-time basis. Eligibility for special education discounts is discontinued on the last day of
the month in which you graduate, or when you start post-training employment, whichever comes first.
A student may purchase one toolbox under this program.
The Garage Toys Education Discount Program is available to accredited Technical Training Schools
and instructors. The same discount plan applies to items purchased by you for your use in school, as
well as items purchased by the school itself.
Any accredited full program educational institution.
*Shipping Costs
Prices include shipping to a commercial location.
A commercial location means a place with a loading bay and a forklift or equivalent.
Placing An Order
 Go to the special web site for the Garage Toys Education Discount Program at: Toys Education Discount Program/
 Download and fill out the Student Qualification Form and fax it to 800-787-5133
 Choose your product, place an order, and pay using the secure order portion of the web site
 Either download Garage Toys Education Discount Program Student Qualification Form at: Toys Education Discount Program/studentform/
or call us at 866-609-8913 and the form will be e-mailed or faxed to the student
 Fill out the form completely and fax it to 800-787-5133
* The products that qualify are listed in the Garage Toys Toolbox Education Discount Program
Order Form. Garage Toys reserves the right to change the products that are offered at any time.