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Create your own car detailing shop and save space. It comes with a 40 foot stretch hose and accessory kits that includes hose, bare floor tool, upholstery brush, crevice tool, dashboard brush, telescoping wand, hose hanger and long crevice tool. Made in the USA and comes with a 6 year warranty.
Garage Vac-Hanging ModelGarage Vac-Hanging Model
Garage Vac-Hanging Model
Item#: GVH120
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Product Description
No more bulky canisters or complicated installations. The GarageVac installs in as little as 10 minutes and takes up half the wall space of other garage vacuums. Designed with the garage in mind, GarageVac helps you organize your space and gives you all the tools you need to keep it clean.

GarageVac is so flexible it can work with any garage organization system on the market. And there’s no need to be confined to the garage with your GarageVac unit! GarageVac is portable. Just take it off the wall when you’re heading out in the RV or Boat. Use it in the cottage or cabin or inside the home in the utility room or bonus room. The options are endless with GarageVac.

GarageVac comes with our unique 40 foot stretch hose that shrinks to just 8 feet for easy storage, a non-corrosive adjustable one piece wand, upholstery brush, crevice tool, bare floor tool and elongated dust brush that cleans your whole dashboard with just one swipe!

Just wrap the hose around the power unit and store the tools neatly inside. GarageVac is always at your fingertips for any job, not matter how large or how small.

HEPA type filtration is standard with GarageVac so no dust or allergens are ever exhausted back into the garage. Each bag holds an incredible one gallon of dirt and is super simple to replace. Just push up the latch and remove the door with your bag still attached. No dust to fly up in your face like when you empty a central vacuum canister.

GarageVac has a 12 amp motor with 100” of water lift.

GarageVac is the most compact and lightweight central vacuum cleaner on the market.

6 Year Warranty

Made in the USA

Choose which color you wish to order from the pull down menu. Available in Red, Black, Grey and White.

Replacement HEPA style bags - 5pk
Product Description
Includes 5 Front-Loading Dust Bags, replacement motor and washable exhaust filters.

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