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Garage FlooringAccessorize your garage floor and make it look sleek and cool.
Real aluminum diamond plate. Real anodized colors. Real tough.™

XFloor™ - Xtreme Modular Aluminum Flooring - is the only modular flooring on the planet with real aluminum diamond plate tread surface. Snaps Together - Snaps Apart.™ Unique laminate system combines the toughness and durability of a real aluminum tread surface with the versatility of an interlocking polymer base. This is the toughest floor on the market - won't scratch, scuff or dent. And the best part is, you can take it with you. It only takes minutes to put together and only minutes to take apart. XFloor™ is the next generation of modular flooring - no plastic or rubber flooring can match its performance and appearance. Free floating design does not attach to the ground - XFloor™ lays on just about any surface with it's own weight. Use as an area floor with our border tiles or go wall-to-wall by cutting tiles to size and shape. Perfect for shop, trailer, garage, store, tradeshow and more.

Turn your garage into the ultimate show room. Hide unsightly concrete blemishes, cracks, and stains. XFloor™ is an extremely tough interlocking floor tile that snaps together & snaps apart™. An assortment of colors allows endless possibilties to custom design your own floor. Border and Corner Tiles provide a finishing touch. Made with real commercial grade aluminum diamond plate found on the big rigs and NASCAR - not imitation stamped metal used by others.

The anti-skid commercial grade tread surface is designed to handle heavy rolling loads. So go ahead and pull in your SUV with mammoth tires after a day of muddy off-roading - XFloor™ is tough. And if a tile ever needs to be replaced - just pop it out and snap in a new one. Getting tired of your floor layout, just snap apart and make a new layout.

Unlike paint and epoxy floors, there are no glues, no toxic fumes, and no mess to worry about. XFloor™ installs easily - no tools needed - snap tiles together to fit any size or shape space. Do a single bay garage in less than 60 minutes. Complete modularity means XFloor™ can be moved or dismantled at any time. No maintenance required. Each XFloor™ tile contains 14 interlocking hooks - more than any other modular flooring out there - this means maximum holding strength and the quickest and easiest installation. Other tiles can be tough to snap together because they only contain a few interlocking hooks - XFloor™ snaps together ... well a snap!

Available in 3 stunning anodized colors: Liquid Silver™, Diesel Black™, and Lava Red™. For Commercial and Residential use. For industry, retail spaces, garages, trade shows, events and more. Looks great, works even better™.

What makes XFloor™ so tough and so revolutionary?

-The answer lies in our patent pending lamination process which permanently bonds together Real Commercial Grade Aluminum Diamond Plate with a Co-Polymer Base by using an exclusive aerospace grade flame lamination process at 385°F & 30 tons of pressure. Unlike others, an XFloor™ tile will not come apart.

-Real Anodized Commercial Grade Aluminum Diamond Plate

-Co-Polymer Base


-Modular Tiles: Snaps Together, Snaps Apart™

-Easy Installation: no glues, no toxic fumes, no mess

-Fast Assembly: no tools needed

-14 Interlocking Hooks on each Tile: More than any other competing brand, Maximum locking strength, More hooks results in better self-alignment which means much faster and easier snap-together

-12"x12" Tiles: fit any size or shape space

-Real Metal Tread Surface: Durable, Tough, Rugged

-Won't rust, rot, corrode, or degrade: all aluminum and co-polymer construction

-Anti-Skid Surface: commercial grade tread plate

-Barefoot friendly: no sharp edges or corners

-Easy to cut tile: for a more custom appearance, consider installing XFloor™ from "wall-to-wall" without using border tiles. Tiles can be cut with jig saw or band saw along with cutting blade designed for sheet metal

-Easy to Clean: just wipe or mop off

-Chemical Resistant: resistant to oil, grease, petroleum products, antifreeze and most household chemicals

-UV Stable:cUV stable and stain resistant

-Commercial and Residential Use: factories, workshops, retail spaces, restaurants, architectural spaces, garages and more

-Real Commercial Grade Diamond Plate: not the imitation stamped metal that others use

XFloor™ Single Kit
Regular price: $2,199.95
Sale price: $2,089.95
XFloor™ Double Kit
Regular price: $4,295.95
Sale price: $4,081.15
XFloor™ Triple Kit
Regular price: $4,499.95
Sale price: $4,274.95