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Cycle Dolly by Merrick Machine
Cycle DollyCycle Dolly
Cycle Dolly
Item#: MerrickCycleDolly
Regular price: $399.99
Sale price: $359.99

Product Description
The Cycle Dolly is a one person user friendly motorcycle stand/mover. One person can load, move, and unload a motorcycle in a matter of minutes. Most people who own a motorcycle have to share a garage with a car or other items, the Cycle Dolly allows a person to put their cycle in a corner or up against a wall with a push of their hand!
The really great thing about this dolly is the fact that the V Channel is set only inches off the ground, which makes for easy loading/unloading, and the V Channel holds almost any size tires so the thought of tipping is virtually non existent.
It has an adjustable kickstand plate and will hold anything from a small Honda 150 to a full dress Harley Davidson.
It is also made of inches steel with the Polyurethane casters and will hold up to a 1500 lb. bike.
There truly is nothing that can touch this on the market in price or quality.

All Steel Construction, 82" in length
Ball-Bearing Swivel Castors
1,800 lbs. Capacity on 10 Casters
Adjustable Kick Stand
Fits Any Motorcycle
Low Profile Design
Polyurethane Castors
Adjustable Kick Plate
10 Wheels
Weights 65 lbs.
1,500 lbs. Rating
V - Construction to hold the sides of the tire to prevent tipping over

Made in the U.S.A.!