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Cycle Country Electric Blade LiftCycle Country Electric Blade Lift
The Electric Blade Lift can give you the convenience of electric lifting without the cost of a winch and winch mount.

It can be mounted easily on any Cycle Country plow. Plus, a special adapter kit now allows it to be used on virtually any plow on the market.

The Electric Blade Lift is connected to the front of your ATV with a customized industrial-strength strap. This strap is rated at 3500 lbs and has been put to the test by our R&D department.

The Electric Blade Lift is driven by a 12 volt, 20 amp motor. The wiring harness to connect with your ATV battery is included. The electrical system prevents the lift from operating when the key is "OFF".

The Electric Blade Lift uses a rocker switch and has 1/4" x 30" cable with no pulley to worry about.