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Combination Drum/Disc Brake Lathe
Combination Drum/Disc Brake Lathe
Combination Drum/Disc Brake Lathe
Item#: BL1500
Regular price: $4,550.00
Sale price: $4,099.99

Product Description
Specifications: Model Number BL-1500 Spindle Speed 70 - 80 - 118 RPM Min. Drum Diameter 152mm (6") Max. Drum Diameter 500mm (19.68") Max. Drum Depth 175 mm (6.89") Min. Disc Diameter 180 mm (7") Max. Disc Diameter 330 mm (13") Max. Disc Thickness 45 mm (1.77") Std.Arbor(25mm)Load Capacity 40 kg (88lb) Opt.Arbor(45mm)Load Capacity 80 kg (176lb) Electrical Requirements 110vac 1phs

Twin cutter tools Quick drum-to-disc change Infinitely variable spindle feed speed Three spindle speeds for smooth, fine and super-fine finishes Machines drums or discs for most cars and light trucks Supports drums or discs up to 88 pounds with standard 63/64" (25mm) arbor Optional 1.77"(45mm) arbor supports drums up to 176lbs (80kg) Drums diameters from 6" (152mm) - 19.68" 500(mm) Discs from 7" (180mm) - 13"(330mm). Many accessories available