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Do you have a special car or bike that you want to be able to see, but have it in a place that has dust, insect, humidity or similar problems? 

Want your buddies, mom, and kids to see it, but not touch it? 

Need to keep those rakes, bikes, broom handles, vermin off your car or bike!




The Garage Toys Car Capsule is a clear plastic pouch that you drive or roll your special car or bike into that is then zipped completely shut.  Then you turn the fan on and the pouch inflates to form a clear shield for your vehicle.  The temperature and humidity will remain equal and constant to the outside preventing water condensation.  Great for use in covered car enclosures or in the dusty, full garage! 


Better than a car cover where you cant see your vehicle and that lays on your car attracting water damage, vermin and dust!


Whether you are storing cars, race cars or antiques, the Garage Toys Car Capsule will keep them in a dust-free, clean and dry environment, away from dings, scratches, bicycles, ladders, children and all the things that "go bump in the night."

Remove CarCapsule from box.  Unroll and spread out the basemat.  Unzip the upper shroud from the basemat.  Roll the upper shroud off of the basemat, exposing the area to which basemat attaches to the upper shroud. Pull the vehicle on to the basemat.  Unroll the upper shroud over the vehicle.  Pull the bottom of the upper shroud until it meets the basemat.  Place the fan in place making sure the velcro is fully attached. Zip the upper shroud to the basemat.  Plug the fan into the adaptor provided.  The CarCapsule should take just a couple of minutes to inflate.  Once it is fully inflated, place the filter in the opening surrounding the fan.

Protect your "baby" from corrosion, mildew, dings, dust, even children!

Continuous Air Flow:
  • Evaporative storage keeps your car dry, prevents corrosion, mildew and musty interior odors
  • Temperature remains constant, is always equal
  • Air changes 3-4 times per hour
  • Under humid conditions, open zipper 6", will increase air flow -- Remember, condensation only occurs when hot and cold air masses meet, this is not possible because continuous air flow and change does not allow moisture in air to condensate on vehicle.

    Filtered Air:

  • Dust and insect free
  • Keeps your vehicle in show condition
  • Filter is washable with mild soap and water
  • Capsule inflates quicker with filter removed

    Clear Inflated Bubble:

  • Allows you to enjoy and show your car
  • Protects against accidental damage from bikes, brooms, etc.
  • Material is 10 mil double polished 100% PVC
  • Nylon zipper will not scratch vehicle
  • Small tears easily repaired with PVC tape
  • Base material is made of Dupont Hercolite 18 oz.
  • Abrasion, mildew, gas, oil, antifreeze resistant
  • Flame retardant - material does not support flame

    Economical to Run:

  • Approximately $1.50 per month
  • No dry packs, air conditioners or dehumidifiers
  • Fan is rated a 5 year continuous duty with free replacement material and craftsmanship 2 year guarantee
  • Capsule has been out in the market since 1988 and those units are still performing as promised

    DO NOT open with sharp objects!


    1.  Select your place of set up by considering the following:

    A.  The start of zipper location should also be the location of the electrical source.
    B.  The air intake should be away from outside doors and heat sources.
    C.  The surface should be as flat as possible.
    D.  The basemat should be located with all sides accessible to work the zippers.

    2.  We have included two Styrofoam tubes to place over the zipper.  When these are in place, your vehicle will not damage the nylon zipper when rolling it onto the mat.  Roll the vehicle onto the basemat leaving equal distance on all sides.  Take care not to turn the steering wheel while on the basemat.  If the exhaust system is at all hot, be very careful not to touch any part of the Carcapsule with it.

    3.  Insert the fan panel into position, smooth out the Velcro.

    4.  Push the male connector thru the slit in the basemat.  Connect the male end to the female end connector
    of the fan motor.

    5.  Starting at the fan end, carefully drape the clear center section over the vehicle's hood, roof and trunk.  Zip both zippers closed securing the tops and sides.  For silver outdoor model:  You will find a 2" plastic strip that you must insert inside fan shroud before inflation.  This will keep shroud open.

    6.  Plug the 12V transformer into your wall outlet and your CarCapsule will start to inflate.  After the bubble is completely inflated, insert the filter by pushing the brim inside the flap around the fan.

    7.  To increase airflow thru the cover to dry wet vehicles or to regulate the air pressure in extremely hot weather, simply readjust the rear zipper closure to allow more air to flow through the capsule.  On the average the CarCapsule will change its air volume 3 to 4 times per hour.

    8.  For the Outdoor Model:  The outdoor model has tie-downs to prevent movement of your bubble in the wind.  The loops for the tie-downs are located on each side of your bubble.

    A.  Attach a string to an eyelet on the top of the bubble.  Tie a secure knot.
    B.  If you wish to attach bubble to ground.  Drive a stake into the ground at a forty-five degree angle away from your bubble.  Attach the string to the stake.  Repeat A and B on other side of your bubble.  Stakes are not included and can be purchased from your local hardware store.


    1.  The clear unit is for indoor use only.  The silver unit is for outdoor use.

    2.  Do not put any material under the floor section, it will only trap moisture!  This can create mold or mildew.

    3.  Locate the air intake filter away from outside doors or sources of heat such as water heaters, furnaces, roll-up metal doors or washer/dryers.

    4.  Keep the air filter clean by hand washing in warm water.  You may use a mild dish soap if necessary.

    5.  Do not place any source of heat inside the cover (not even a light bulb).

    6.  If CarCapsule is first used in extremely cold climates, blow up in a warm area to help PVC become pliable.

    7.  When you set up your CarCapsule for the first time, it will have a lot of wrinkles.  As it is kept inflated, the remainder of the wrinkles will work themselves out.

    8.  If your CarCapsule gets dusty you can use a car duster.  To remove stains, use warm water and a mild dish soap.


    The CarCapsule is guaranteed for one year against all defects in workmanship and materials. Repair or replacement will be made upon receipt of product by CarCapsule freight prepaid. Please contact the place of purchase prior to shipping for warranty work.


    Q.)  If you are bringing in the air from the outside you are also bringing in the moisture from the outside. 
    How does the vehicle stay dry?

    A.)  The CarCapsule does not eliminate humidity it eliminates condensation.  The fan exchanges the air by volume 3-4 times an hour.  This constant air change and air flow does not allow hot air and cold masses to meet.  This in turn eliminates condensation and keeps the vehicle completely dry no matter what the temperature or humidity level.

    Q.)  If I put my car away wet, what will happen?

    A.)  The CarCapsule is an evaporative system.  The constant air change will evaporate all moisture in a matter of hours.  This will prevent rust from the exterior parts while eliminating mold and mildew from the interior.

    Q.)  Should I leave the windows up or down inside the CarCapsule?

    A.)  You should leave the windows either down all the way or at least half the way down.  If you have a convertible the top should be put up so that it will not trap moisture in the compartment it is stored in. 
    This will let the air circulate throughout the interior keeping it dry and odor free.

    Q.)  How much room does the CarCapsule take up?

    A.)  Once inflated the CarCapsule takes up about 1 foot on either side of the vehicle.  The front and back depend on what size CarCapsule is used.

    Q.)  How do you get the vehicle in the CarCapsule?

    A.)  The CarCapsule has 2 zippers that run around the basemat to the back where the fan is located.  Just unzip and roll the upper shroud towards the fan.  Pull the vehicle on to the basemat and roll the upper shroud over the vehicle.  Zip up the unit and plug in the fan.  The CarCapsule takes about 5-10 minutes to inflate.

    Q.)  What happens if I get a hole in it?

    A.)  The upper shroud is made of 8 mil PVC.  If you do happen to puncture the unit use a piece of clear 100% PVC shipping tape.  This will bond to the upper shroud and will not come off.

    Q.)  What if the power goes out?

    A.)  The cover will deflate and turn into a regular car cover.  When the power returns it will re-inflate in a matter of minutes.  We do have a cigarette lighter adapter cord that can be run off of a 12 volt power supply for prolonged power disruptions or for use at car shows.

    Q.)  Do you have a CarCapsule that will fit my pick-up truck?

    A.)  Yes, we make a CarCapsule that is tall enough to fit full size trucks and S.U.V.'s.  We also make an extended version that will fit most older cars like Packard, Rolls Royce and Cadillac.

    Q.)  Do you need to use another cover with the CarCapsule?

    A.)  You do not need to use another cover with the CarCapsule.  This will only block air from circulating in the interior and might trap moisture.

    Q.)  Can the CarCapsule be used for short-term storage?

    A.)  The CarCapsule can be used for short-term, long-term or anything in between.  It takes about the same time to use as a regular car cover except for the inflating of the unit.  It takes about a couple of minutes to get the car out.

    Q.)  Do you have to drain the gas tank or any other fluids before you put the vehicle away?

    A.)  No, the basemat is impervious to gas, diesel, oil or antifreeze.  You do not have to worry about these odors because the air is constantly changing.

    Q.)  Do you have to use any dry packs or chemicals to keep the vehicle dry?

    A.)  No, dry packs or chemicals are not needed.  This is an evaporative system that uses air flow to prevent condensation.  This enables you to take your vehicle in and out anytime you want without having to mess with chemicals or dry packs.

    Q.)  Will the CarCapsule protect my vehicle from rodents?

    A.)  The 55 T-Bird on our web site and literature has been stored in an unheated warehouse in the Midwest for 7 years.  We have not had a problem with any kind of critters chewing through the material.  This car looks as good now as it did when we first put it in the CarCapsule.

    Q.)  How long will the CarCapsule last?

    A.)  The prototypes were built in 1988 and are still in use today.

    Q.) What if something falls on the CarCapsule while my vehicle is in it?

    A.)  We have dropped a five pound sledge hammer on top of the CarCapsule and it just bounced off.  It will also protect against weed wackers, rakes or snow shovels that lean against the side of the unit.


    CarCapsule - Reviews "We have carried the CarCapsule™ in our gift shop for almost a full year now and the product almost sells itself. We have 200,000 people come through our lobby every year. Everyone has to touch it and kids love to punch it. Nothing hurts it, not even the abuse we give it taking it up and down several times a month when we change displays. None of the cars that have been displayed in the Bubble have received any damage while in it. They stay nice and clean too. I can't say enough about this great product. I don't know anyone who stores a vehicle who wouldn't love this."

    Andy Roderick - National Corvette Museum

    "I bought a CarCapsule™ last year for my mint 1971 VW convertible and love it! This year, I placed my car in the bubble for the winter inside one of the greenhouses I have. Last week a very heavy New England Snow flattened the greenhouse, I was sure the car had some major damaged, but as I removed the destroyed building it appears that as a result of the bubble there was a cushioning effect that kept my lil beetle from sustaining any damage at all! The bubble did receive some minor tears, but I think it can be patched. I can't say enough about your products durability that would reflect my gratitude. Thanks again!"

    Louis Glanz

    Image 1 Image 2 Image 3

    "One of the year's 10 Most Innovative Car-Care Products"

    Motor Trends Magazine

    "I took my 1970 Corvette out of hibernation today. The car was spotless, dry, and no signs of rust or corrosion. The CarCapsule™ was in an un-heated shed with a packed sand floor. I put the car in on Christmas day (the day I got the CarCapsule™ as a gift) and has not been touched since today. Thank you for providing a product that lives up to the promises made. Talk about product satisfaction!"

    Scott Jenkins

    "I bought my CarCapsule™ for my Mustang about 6 years ago. Because of all sorts of reasons I had to leave the car in the CarCapsule™ for a long, long time! I took the Mustang out of the CarCapsule™ (which was in an outdoor garage inside the CarCapsule™) and it was clean, dry, and smelling good! I was really impressed! My circumstances were less than the rich guy with a Ferrarri in an air conditioned garage. Using a cotton car cover was a waste of time. Only the CarCapsule™ worked! Thanks! I can't wait to get another one!"

    Craig Scarlett Fort Lauderdale, FL

    "I had a 16 foot indoor CarCapsule™ with my car in it and my garage had a huge fire and your product saved my car, not one ounce of soot and everything else was left destroyed. I absolutly love this product. I'm now interested in the Outdoor CarCapsule™! Thank you very much!"


    "We recently purchased our CarCapsule™ and couldn't be happier! We live in the woods, so insects and mice are always a concern. No more with the CarCapsule™! The garage is also used as a woodworking shop, but not a speck of sawdust ever lands on the car, or accidental bumps with tools. I used to worry about mold and mildew affecting the leather and carpet interior of our open '31 Model A, but with the constant circulating air, I know this will never be a problem! Bottom line is, the CarCapsule™ preserves and protects an irreplaceable valuable in ways that a conventional cover could never do. This is the best investment a vintage car owner can make. Thank you for a fine, quality product!"

    Todd Gagnon

    "The CarCapsule™ is an excellent product. I keep the car in a garage adjacent to the beach on the Gulf of Mexico; it can be in there for up to 8 months at a stretch. When I return, it's clean, dry and free of mold. Plus the CarCapsule™ is durable.