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Bolt-On Wheel Axle Kit
Bolt-On Wheel Axle Kit, currently NLA
Bolt-On Wheel Axle Kit, currently NLA
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Product Description
Bolt-on Wheel Axles for mounting poly wheels to shore end of dock frames or for mounting to boat lifts. Universal mounting brackets bolt to the shore end of the dock to add wheels for easy roll in or out. Each piece consists of an 8" long steel pipe (1-7/8" outside diameter) welded to a 3" x 9.5" x 3/16" steel plate. The mounting plate has two 1/2" holes spaced 8" O.C.. This kit works on Lifestyle Dock frames and many other brands. Painted steel. Four 1/2" mounting bolts and two wheel clamps included. Use poly wheels with 2" diameter hubs (not included- order PN 10821 separately). Two brackets.

For boat lift application, install to bottom frame approximately 30" from the shore end. Brackets may have to be mounted horizontally. In this case, additional holes may have to be drilled, depending on size of boat lift frame and lifting capacity. This will require using 4 bolts per bracket plate- two across the top and two across the bottom. Weight capacity is 750 lbs per bracket. Bolt-On Wheel Axles are designed for moving the boat lift in and out of the water only. Boat lift must be supported by foot pads or other means when in use. Either dig in wheels, remove wheels or otherwise elevate lift after positioning in water so that load does not transfer to the wheels.