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The new look of safety and security, the BEDNET®.
Bed Net Cargo Restraint SystemBed Net Cargo Restraint System
Bed Net Cargo Restraint System
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Product Description
Each BEDNET® Cargo Restraint System is custom made to fit every make and model pickup truck. They are available in Black.

Corner Strap Assembly: Integrated design adjusts to fit any size cargo. Simply pull the adjust strap to tighten the "Quick Tite" buckle and lift tab to release. Secure loose ends whith the attached "tail keeper".

Patented "Quick Tite" Buckle: Unique one-piece design contains no moving parts. Made of super super tough Nylon to help protect your truck's finish.

Webbing: 2" high strength polyester webbing. Each sew pattern is heavy duty "Box X" using industrial strength polyester thread .

Anchor Hooks: High carbon steel hooks are coated with durable polyethylene to minimize rusting and damage to your truck.

Carrying Case: Durable and convenient storage case

-Accentuates the style of any pickup

-Simplifies securing and transporting of cargo

-Lightweight and easy to use

-Offers a full range of sizes for each make and model of truck

-Designed to protect your truck's finish

-Durable and convenient storage case

Safely hauling cargo is always a challenge to the truck owner. Preventing damage to the truck, its cargo and insuring the safety of fellow motorists has been left to the skill and imagination of the truck owner. For the first time a product allows pickup owners an easy and consistent method to safely secure their cargo, the BEDNET®, Cargo Restraint System.

AROUND THE HOUSE: Makes hauling everything from landscape material the trash easier than ever.

A DAY IN THE SUN: Pack more than ever before and be assured that it's secured.

AT THE FARM: Great for all your hauling needs.

ON THE JOB: Protect others from flying brush, debris, or construction materials.

IN THE GREAT OUTDOORS: Secure all your camping, hunting, fishing equipment quickly and go.


In addition to being an attractive accessory item for your truck, the BEDNET® is designed to decrease the incidence of dropped loads from domestic and commercial pick-up trucks on our streets and highways. Never rely on knots again. Never search your garage again for that lost roll of twine and those dangerous bungee cords. The BEDNET® makes it possible for anyone to secure virtually any load with ease. Let the BEDNET® help you protect yourself, protect others, protect your load.

Transporting unsecured cargo has become a major problem for highway safety. The accidental loss of cargo results in highway collisions and passenger death far too often. State laws are now being passed to ensure all truck cargo is properly secured. The hazards to fellow motorists and risk of accidents can be minimized with the use of the BEDNET® Cargo Restraint System, for your peace of mind.