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Eliminates dings, scratches & BANGs to your vehicle door
BANGuard Wall Protector - 24"
BANGuard Wall Protector - 24"
Item#: DL_BG246375PSA_TAN
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Product Description
Peel & Stick BANGuard™ vehicle door protector in your garage and stop worrying about BANGing your vehicle door against a nearby garage wall. It's advanced materials cushion even the heaviest vehicle door without a blemish. Installs in seconds.

Did you know that parking just 12" closer to a garage wall can add 200 more cubic feet* to your garage space. But don't worry about damaging your vehicle door - BANGuard™ makes parking easy.

-Eliminates Vehicle Door Damage

-Cushions car doors, truck doors and even the heaviest SUV doors

-Peel & Stick Installation

-Installs in 10 seconds or less

-Stick to most anything

-Bonds permanently to most all types of garage walls

-Completely Flexible

-Works great around corners and curved surfaces

BANGuard™ vehicle door protector is a technically advanced material laminate consisting of state-of-the-science materials. Each component contributes to a surprisingly high energy absorption capacity.

-Absorption Resistant High Flex Synthetic. Absorbs sharp impacting blows by offering super abrasion resistance thereby protecting underlying materials from severing.

-High Energy Absorption ViscoElastic Gas Blown Polymer. Cushions even the most severe impacts without a blemish to the vehicle door. Even works on the heaviest truck and SUV doors. Polymer stays tough thru severe temperatures.

-Ultra Powerful High Flow Bonding Adhesive. Bonds to even the most difficult indoor surfaces: cement block, brick, dry wall, wood, plaster and garage posts. The active bond stays strong even thru severe temperatures
Product Description
Same great quality, longer size!

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