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“Why Buy” a 2016 Cobra CX50 P3

  • 5Gx 3-Shoe Clutch (4th Generation)

    • No plates to warp, Precision, consistent operation. Freewheeling design.
      • Hits as hard at the end of a moto as it does on Lap 1. No clutch drag when the throttle is chopped or during starting.
  • USD 32mm Front Fork

    • Improved fork action. ‘Right Sized’ for a small chassis

      • Inspires confidence over rough terrain

  • REAL air filter

    • Air filter is mounted in airbox, not on top of air box. More surface area, More protection from dirt

      • Dirt or water that enters airbox cannot make its way into the engine. More power (especially in long motos and dusty off-road events)

  • Largest Air box in Class

    • Improved breathing. Large pre-carburetor volume greatly improves throttle response

      • Power when you need it!

  • One-Piece Aluminum Wheels

    • Stronger, Lighter Wheels

      • Reduced maintenance, improved acceleration and traction over rough terrain.

  • Billet, Wide Footprint Triple Clamp

    • Spreads the clamp load out over a larger area of the fork upper tube

      • Improved fork action

  • Billet Chain Adjuster Blocks

    • Strongest in class

      • Never DNF from a slipping rear axle again!

  • Optimized chassis and bodywork

    • Longest travel suspension in its class by over an inch

      • Absorbs the pounding of rough terrain for better lap time and a less fatiguing ride.

  • Cobra Friction Drive

    • Allows some slip between the crank and rear wheel

      • Longer driveline life (crank, transmission, clutch, chain) and improved drive through rough choppy terrain

  • Progressive Rate Rear Suspension

    • Linear rising rate without a link! Reduced weight, and friction

      • Supple over small bumps for good traction…Absorbs big hits for aggressive riding.

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2016 Cobra CX50 P3
2016 Cobra CX50 P3
Item#: 2016p350

Product Description

2016 Cobra CX50 P3 Specifications

MSRP // $3,548 USD *Plus Shipping
Dry Weight //79 lbs / 35.5 kg
Engine // Cobra 50cc 2-stroke
Bore x Stroke // 39mm x 41.7mm
Induction / Case Reed V-Force® Reed Valve 12mm Carb
Cooling // Water cooled
Clutch // Cobra 5Gx 3-Shoe
Transmission // Single-speed auto
Exhaust //Tuned pipe and silencer
Lubrication // Mixture lubrication
Fuel Capacity // 2.6 L
Frame // Double Cradle 4130 ChrMo
Wheelbase // 889mm
Seat Height // 558mm
Ground Clearance // 178mm
Front Brakes // Hydraulic Disk (160mm)
Rear Brakes // Hydraulic Disk (140mm)
Front Suspension // CARD 32mm USD – 130mm travel
Rear Suspension // CARD 130mm travel
Wheel Front / Rear // Cobra 10” Billet – Cobra 10” Billet
Tires Front / Rear // MX52 Dunlop 2.5×10 / 2.75×10 MX52