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At the apex of Cobra's model lineup is the multi-National championship winning CX65. For 2017, this bike receives a TON of improvements starting with a massive power improvement and continuing end-to-end with revised brakes, transmission, and clutch.
NEW! Tri-Port Cylinder - Our all-new porting for 2017 really wakes up the beast! Not only are peak numbers higher, but the 2017 CX65 achieves an incredibly flat torque curve. The result: lots of grunt for great holeshots and carving the inside line in addition to massive over-rev that keeps pulling down the longest of straightaways.
NEW! Power Valve - The 2017 CX65 receives a new single blade power valve that seals better to the piston improving bottom-end torque.
NEW! Expansion Chamber - All-new pipe for 2017 works in synergy with the new cylinder to produce class-leading horsepower and torque.
NEW! Forged Clutch Cap - Stronger and stiffer forging provides better clutch feel, improved clutch line routing, and piston travel is increased to lengthen clutch life.

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2017 CX65
2017 CX65
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