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The littlest Cobras get a huge update for 2017. Not only do the little guys and gals get to benefit from Cobra's Venom Series 50cc power plant, but they get an all-new frame and swingarm as well. Cobra mounted riders have won every 50cc Class 2 U.S. national championship since the CX50JR was introduced in 1997, and we intend to keep it that way! Check out what new and improved for 2017
NEW! Frame - Lighter weight and stronger for improved performance and durability.
NEW! Swingarm - Redesigned lower shock mount adds strength and stiffness to provide a better ride over the rough stuff.
NEW! Engine - Both the P3 and JR receive Cobra's new Venom Series 50cc powerplant for 2017. This thing rips! Cobra engineers designed a 'no-compromise' torque curve featuring massive amounts of low-end torque for launching off the gate and out of corners, this in addition to Cobra's classic over-rev that provides that '2nd gear' for wide open situations. This little beast offers more power, more torque, less weight and a smaller, lighter package.
NEW! Top Chain Guide - Improved chain guidance and longer wearing design.
NEW! Lightweight Wheels - Cobra has taken it's lightweight and maintenance-free wheels to the next level. Lighter wheels mean less rotating and un-sprung mass, which translates into improved acceleration, handling, and flight control.

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2017 CX50 JR
2017 CX50 JR
Item#: 201750jr