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2016 Cobra CX65 Highlights & Improvement

  • New CARD rear shock with all-new dual adjustable high and low speed compression adjuster.

  • All-new stainless steel rear brake caliper piston keeps brake fluid cooler and eliminates fluid boiling and loss of pedal feel.

  • All new primary and secondary transfer ports for improved power throughout the RPM range.

  • Improved steering head sealing. New seals and spacers are designed to keep out even the most invasive water and mud.

  • All-new shift cassette improves shift feel and makes neutral easier to find.

  • Black anodized front and rear hubs.

  • Improved exhaust system mounting. Softer mounts for improved durability.

  • New silicone rubber inlet boot provides improved intake flow and easier jetting changes.

  • All-new kick start shaft narrows the engine profile and reduces weight.

  • Improved clutch hub provides for a longer lasting clutch.

  • All-new clutch master cylinder offers improved lever feel and utilizes mineral oil for improved durability.

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2016 Cobra CX65
2016 Cobra CX65
Item#: 2016cx65

Product Description

2016 Cobra CX65 Specifications

MSRP // $5,298 USD *Plus Shipping

Dry Weight // 124 lbs / 56 kg

Engine // Cobra 65cc 2-stroke with Electronic Power Valve

Bore x Stroke // 44.5mm x 41.7mm

Induction // Case Reed V-Force® Reed Valve 26mm Mikuni VM carb

Cooling // Water cooled Cylinder and Case

Clutch // Hydraulically Actuated

Transmission // Six-speed sequential