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16' Car Capsule Tall Height Indoor- CarCapsule
16' Car Capsule Tall Height Indoor- CarCapsule
Item#: CC16T

Product Description

Continuous Air Flow: Evaporative storage keeps your car dry, prevents corrosion, mildew and musty interior odors Temperature remains constant, is always equal Air changes 3-4 times per hour Under humid conditions, open zipper 6", will increase air flow -- Remember, condensation only occurs when hot and cold air masses meet, this is not possible because continuous air flow and change does not allow moisture in air to condensate on vehicle. Filtered Air: Dust and insect free Keeps your vehicle in show condition Filter is washable with mild soap and water Capsule inflates quicker with filter removed Clear Inflated Bubble: Allows you to enjoy and show your car Protects against accidental damage from bikes, brooms, etc. Material is 8 mil double polished 100% PVC Nylon zipper will not scratch vehicle Small tears easily repaired with PVC tape Base material is made of Dupont Hercolite 18 oz. Abrasion, mildew, gas, oil, antifreeze resistant Flame retardant - material does not support flame Economical to Run: Approximately $1.50 per month No dry packs, air conditioners or dehumidifiers Fan is rated a 5 year continuous duty with free replacement material and craftsmanship 2 year guarantee Capsule has been out in the market since 1988 and those units are still performing as promised DO NOT open with sharp objects!